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Destinations: The Quest Update

Destinations: The Quest
Written by SteamVR.US

Complete quests, collect souvenirs, and stick them to your head! The Quest Update to Destinations is here, with a host of new features and content to explore.

Introducing Geocaching Quests

Travel to various Destinations to find hidden item caches using the new Cache Finder tool. Locate one, and you (along with anyone questing with you) will earn a wearable item or avatar head to customize the way you look. Fancy a different hat than the one you found? Trade with other Destinations players on Steam or head over to the Steam Market. A new set of geocaching quests will appear each week, so get out there and find some caches!

New Avatar Options

Show off your sense of style with new avatar customization options. You can now place hats, hair, and other wearables (which you’ve found on various quests) on your head. Resize and recolor every item to your taste, then save the whole set as a preset outfit for quick access.

New Destinations, Tools, and More

Two new official Destinations have arrived: ponder the cosmos in the Clockwork Orrery, or enjoy a relaxing stay on the water at Illia’s Retreat. With the addition of tools, like the Airbrush and Drone Controller, players have new ways to interact with the world and other players. We’ve also added new avatar heads, avatar hands (complete with gestures of course), and a refreshed interface which makes it easier to meet up with friends in Destinations.

Whether you’re using a Vive, Rift, or any other OpenVR compatible headset there’s never been a better time to book a tour in Destinations. (Motion controllers are required for Quests, Tools, Props, and Wearables).

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