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Microsoft: Introducing Game Mode for Windows 10

Windows 10 Game Section
Written by SteamVR.US

Gamers who are part of Microsoft’s Insider Program will get a pleasant surprise later this week as they will be able to upgrade their systems to a new version of Windows 10 that includes what is being called “game mode.”

The Game Mode

In an official video released by Xbox, one of the first things mentioned with this release is a target on increasing performance for PC gaming.  The ways the Windows 10 developers will be targeting performance is through increased frame rate as well as average frame rate.  Likewise, “Gaming” will have its own section in system settings now.  With the game mode enabled, the system will work to prioritize CPU and GPU resources to your active game.

In addition to performance enhancements (“game mode”), the following features are shown to be included in the update:

  • Built-in Beam streaming
  • New Cortana gaming enhancements
  • Screen time (Parental controls)

Take a look at the video:

So… what does this mean for SteamVR?

While Apple/Mac users may be out of luck for this release, anyone using Steam or any other game platform on Windows 10 will be able to experience this update in its entirety once publicly released.  Unfortunately, virtual reality is very resource intensive and for those who run the minimum requirements for virtual reality may be disappointed to launch a game and notice a below par experience may be delighted to hear this news.  With the option to have Windows 10 run in game mode, you will notice that there is a priority placed on CPU and GPU resources for the game that you are currently playing.  Since these two areas are the larger requirements for virtual reality, having a priority on performance may net better results in terms of frame rates and overall game performance on your PC.

We can’t wait to see this release in the Creators Update and see some real results from the community!


Not an insider? Microsoft says all Windows 10 users will be able to download this update this spring with the Creators Update.

Learn more by clicking here.


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