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New SteamVR Home Environment – Winter Peak

Written by SteamVR.US

A new community update has provided us information on a new Steam Environment – Winter Peak!

Venture forth from the cozy warmth of the rover, and feel the frost in the air as you trek out onto the snowy bluff. You may find the local wildlife somewhat shy and elusive, so please maintain a respectful distance to avoid scaring them off.

Scraggy Rascal Studios helped make this new SteamVR Home environment,
as well as the Candy Emporium and Gulping Goat Space Farm environments.

This environment is available as an Asset Pack so you can remix and create your own map using the models, textures, and sounds from this one. For a refresher, check out this guide.

Enjoy Winter Peak, and see you in SteamVR Home! 

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