Valve launches SteamVR support for Linux

Written by SteamVR.US

Valve just released a development build of SteamVR for Linux which can be found at this GitHub page.  This opens many new doors and paths for the future of SteamVR and virtual reality as a whole.

This release is targeted towards developers who can use the software to create VR experiences, utilizing SteamVR, for Linux, including the Linux-based SteamOS.  If you are interested in incorporating this release in your work, you just need the latest Steam Beta Client and a Vulkan-friendly beta driver from Nvidia or AMD.

In a separate announcement, Valve also released that they’re going to be selling SteamVR Tracking base stations separately from the Vive headset later this year.  This may be a ploy to make SteamVR more available rather than restricting users and developers to the HTC Vive headset.  In addition, Valve is changing the accessibility of SteamVR tracking technology for hardware makers.  Last year, SteamVR tracking became royalty-free to companies but required them to attend a $3,000 training course.  Now, Valve has removed that requirement and the training course in addition to course materials are available free of charge.

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