Easily Sharpen Vive and Rift Visuals With Supersampling

HTC Vive Supersampling
Written by SteamVR.US

Using ‘OpenVR Advanced Settings’

‘OpenVR Advanced Settings’ is a dashboard overlay that allows access to advanced functionality of any headset running SteamVR. The menu is accessible in VR, which means you can easily adjust options such as supersampling without removing your headset.  It’s easy to quickly adjust the amount of supersampling to get your VR headset looking as sharp as possible while maintaining the critical 90 FPS.

OpenVR Advanced Settings for supersampling

To Install: download the most recent installer here and follow the installation instructions. Once wearing the headset in SteamVR, you will find a new ‘advanced settings’ button near the bottom of the dashboard. There you can set separate supersampling settings for application and compositor.  However, anything above the default 1.0 setting is more demanding on your graphics hardware.

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