SteamVR January Update

January Update
Written by SteamVR.US

Check out the SteamVR January Update!  Via the Steam Community:


  • Added a new transition UI that appears when an application is starting, stopping, or not currently rendering. In some applications it will appear during level transitions.
  • Added a new system skybox that shows when an application is running but not rendering instead of the user’s configured skybox (and environment.) The user’s skybox and environment will still show when no application is running.
  • Fixed many cases of application icons not appearing in the Now Playing section of the dashboard.
  • Fixed SteamVR crash on exit
  • MessageOverlay is now modal.
  • Fixed a class of compositor errors not getting promoted properly to SteamVR status UI.
  • Fixes for SteamVR graceful recovery on some cases of late HMD connectivity.
  • Fixed crash that could happen on SteamVR startup
  • Fixed vrpathreg error when running on a clean machine that has never has the Visual Studio 2013 C Runtime installed.
  • Fix for crash related to unmatched VR_Init/VR_Shutdown calls.


  • Fixed a case where startup would fail with error 125 (or sometimes error 108) when a USB device other than the Vive was in the “General error” state.
  • Added icons and models for the HTC Vive Tracker.


  • Stopped processing controller input from Touch controllers when the Oculus system UI is showing.
  • Fixed issue where a warning about installing the Bluetooth driver for the Vive would appear when a Rift was plugged in.
  • Fixed a bug causing tracking sensor workshop skins to face the wrong direction.
  • Fixed bugs that were causing the tracking sensor render models to be rotated incorrectly in some setups.
  • Tracking sensors mounted upside down (such as ceiling mounting) will render with the correct orientation.

VR Dashboard:

  • Fixed issue that caused dashboard to move the first time each tab was clicked.
  • Reduced the CPU and GPU from vrdashboard.exe when SteamVR is running but the HMD is not in use.

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