AT&T to Deliver Interactive SteamVR Content Over 5G

Written by SteamVR.US

Yesterday, AT&T announced that next month, they’ll unveil a demo that achieves a significant milestone in delivering 6DoF interactive SteamVR content to a wireless head-mounted display (HMD) device. What makes this so great is that they plan to deliver the content over a 5G 39GHz mmwave radio, connected to a GPU-accelerated gaming server.

“The use of 5G and edge computing allows us to bring this experience to our mobile network while still achieving the latency and bandwidth necessary to meet the performance requirements of the wireless HMD device and VR application (3K resolution and 75Hz refresh rate). And, as mobile HMD devices evolve to incorporate 5G chipsets, we’ll be able to deliver this experience fully over 5G.”

Read more on the possibilities of Edge Computing and AT&T’s work here.

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