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New Icon for Steam OSVR Headsets being Integrated

Written by SteamVR.US

Last week Steam added an additional icon for titles that are compatible with OSVR headsets, that is the ominous image above.

Thanks to Open VR support, the OSVR HMDs launch with over 200 titles already showing support and more developers will be verifying support and adding the icon every day. If you are a developer, give it a go, reach out to the fine folks at OSVR by email – [email protected] – to get your very own developer kit.

This is the first new HMD Steam has added since this past spring when both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive launched on Steam and this won’t be the last new headset supported. As the industry keeps growing, changing, and experimenting, Steam will be there to help you experience the latest VR content on whatever device you choose.



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